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Building, Servicing and Cleaning swimming pools in Bulgaria

Bulgarian Pool Cleaning and Maintenance

If you have a pool at your property you will know that it requires regular cleaning, chemical testing and servicing to keep the water sparkling and safe. Pride employ professional staff to regularly maintain our clients swimming pools during the summer months. Our pool servicing staff will remove surface debris and empty the skimmers, vacuum and clean the pool and surrounding areas, flush the water filters, adjust the chemical balance and test to ensure a safe water quality.

At the beginning of the season we arrange a full clean and service to bring the pool into operation, and at the end of the season the pool is shut down and prepared for winter. Again this is a specialist job and is necessary to prevent damage to the structure and equipment from freezing during the colder months.

Swimming Pool Construction Services

A private swimming pool will allow you and your family to get the maximum enjoyment, entertainment and relaxation from your property. It will also make the property more sought after and increase the rental prices you can command. If you look at any rental website you will see that the villas and houses with private pools are the ones which are booked up earliest.

Pride have built some fabulous swimming pools of various shapes, sizes and styles for our clients. There are a whole range of different finishes available and you can add a separate children's area, built-in steps, underwater lighting, even a Jacuzzi section. it won't be as expensive as you might think.

A pool can easily add double its original cost to the value of your home, making it a great investment. Our professionals will advise you on the best solution for your property, taking into account the best positioning for the pool to maximize sunshine exposure and ensure your buildings are protected.

Once we have discussed your requirements for a dream pool, our pool construction teams will provide a written quote taking into account the pool depth and surface area to advise you on the correct size of filters, pumps etc. for the volume of your pool.

Although there are many different ways of building a pool, most people chose the tried and tested "concrete shell" construction with mosaic tile finish. The whole build process typically takes around 6 weeks, and the stages are as follows:

Planning the layout and placement of the pool.
Excavation, preferably clearing the soil from the site as it is removed.
Fitting the structural elements (skimmer box, main drain unit, return pipes, lights etc.)
Building the "shell" of the pool with reinforced concrete.
Building the surrounding decking.
Plastering of the pool
Applying the finish to the pool interior (tiled, marbled etc).
Installing the working parts (valves, pumps. filters, heaters)
Making the electrical connections.
Any final concreting/paving of the surrounding area.
Clean up

There are also a number of legal issues to be considered when choosing your pool design which we will advise you on, but generally building even a fairly large swimming pool in Bulgaria (up to 100 cubic metres) does not need any formal planning permission and work can start as soon as contracts are signed.